10 Tips For Coping With A Surprise Pregnancy

It's 2017, so why do we still get surprised about pregnancies?  Many of Us Still Lack Access to Birth Control According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, in 2017, over 19 million women of childbearing age lived in areas of US where they lacked access to a public clinic where they [...]

Why Do Women Suffer More From Anxiety and Depression Than Men?

Dr. Amen and his team in California just released results from a SPECT imaging study conducted on thousands of men and women. The participants were scanned at baseline (not doing a task) and during a concentration task. The scans analyzed 128 brain regions. The study revealed that women's brain activity was high in 65 brain [...]

This Calculator Shows You How Much Sleep You’ve Lost Since Becoming A Parent — Scary Mommy

Like we really needed confirmation of all our lost sleep It’s no secret that when we have a baby there will inevitably be many sleepless nights. And even when we do “sleep,” it is never, ever as soundly as we did pre-baby because we are constantly interrupted when our kid can’t reach their pacifier or [...]

Rates of Teen Girls’ Suicides Have Doubled

You may have noticed headlines in the last 24 hours discussing that, according to the CDC, the rates of suicide for teen girls ages 15-19 have recently doubled. While this is very troubling, what concerns me even more is that the rates of suicide for girls ages 10-14 have tripled. Here are some other statistics: [...]

Focused Distractions? How We Adapt to Multi-Tasking — Psychology Today

“Don’t distract me, I am multitasking”: Distractions can be damaging, but even when multi-tasking, we learn how to focus on what is important. via Focused Distractions? How We Adapt to Multi-Tasking — Psychology Today

Here Are The AAP’s New Car Seat Guidelines — Scary Mommy

They’re providing concise info on seats for every age group The American Academy of Pediatrics recently updated its guidelines on car seat usage and safety. The concise information is helping parents breathe a sigh of relief, because let’s be real — what parenting choice is more confusing and full of conflicting information than car seat… via [...]

Scientist Says Dirt Is Good For Kids, Moms Everywhere Rejoice — Scary Mommy

Baby’s pacifier fell on the floor? Go ahead and lick it, guilt-free Sanitizing and sterilizing your little one’s environment is just one of any parent’s most natural instincts. We don’t want our precious little angels exposed to dirt and bacteria, especially when they’re babies. Who among us hasn’t instantly washed off a pacifier that fell… via [...]