Manuscript Consultation for Fiction Authors

I offer partial or full manuscript review for authors interested in expert verification of mental health information in their manuscript. I will provide detailed notes in Word or in a separate document after a thorough review of the manuscript. I will supply necessary source to help the author make corrections before submitting the manuscript for publication.

Full manuscript review fee — $150.

Partial manuscript review fee — $75.

Phone/Skype Consultations

Phone consultations are available for authors, business owners, journalists, professors, teachers, and any other professionals needing expert information on mental health.

Fee — $75 per 1/2 hr

Email Consultations

Email consultations are available for any professionals preferring written responses to their questions regarding general mental health information.

Fee — $75 per 1/2 hr spent by Dr. Mikalsen on reading email and writing the response.


To request a consultation, please use Contact Page.