Here’s How To Cope With The Pettiness Of Puberty When Your Teen Can’t Even — Scary Mommy

Parenting a freshly ripened teen amounts to four words: “Weren’t you just born?” I say this to myself on a near-constant basis as I stand in front of a bedroom door that’s always closed. I’m not exactly sure when the door-closing began, but it did, and I’m not even sure what goes on in there,… via [...]

School Anxiety

Helping Your Child Cope With Anxiety In Middle School/High School Most children will have anxiety about starting Middle School or High School. They worry about being good enough for sports or other electives, being smart enough for their preAP or AP classes, and fitting in with peers who all seem taller, prettier, smarter, more socially [...]

On Bullying and Cyberbullying

My Child Is Being Bullied. What Should I Do? There are more and more stories from children and media about bullying in the schools. Finding out that your child is being bullied is frightening and you may wonder how much to worry and what to do to help your child. Here are some basic tips [...]